How can Physiotherapy help me?

Physiotherapy is an allied health profession that helps restore movement and function. Physiotherapists are experts at assessing, diagnosing and treating injuries associated with muscles, joints and ligaments. Physiotherapy can assist with conditions ranging from a sore neck and back right through to sports injuries.

What does Physiotherapy treatment involve?

Physiotherapy treatment involves a range of hands-on treatments such as massage, stretches, joint mobilisations and acupuncture. Specific exercises to help with strength and flexibility are also used. Treatments usually take between 30 to 45 minutes.

How much does Physiotherapy treatment cost?

This is largely dependent on the condition that is being treated. On average, most acute conditions (such as sports injuries) may require from seven to ten treatment sessions for recovery. Chronic conditions (such as an arthritic neck or back) may require fortnightly or monthly treatment sessions to provide long-term relief of pain. Please refer to our Fee Schedule.

Is Physiotherapy bulk-billed?

No. Physiotherapy treatment is not bulk-billed through Medicare. Private Health Insurance Ancillary/Extras Cover can provide a rebate for Physiotherapy treatment which reduces your out-of-pocket expenses. Our clinic provides on-the-spot claims services (HICAPS and EFTPOS) so you only have to pay the gap amount.

Do I need a Referral Letter for Physiotherapy?

You do NOT require a Referral Letter for Physiotherapy if you are a private patient. Department of Veteran Affairs and EPC (Enhanced Primary Care Plan) patients will require a Referral Letter which they should bring to their first appointment.

What can I expect from treatment at Ningi Physiotherapy?

At Ningi Physiotherapy, Allan and his team are committed to providing the best treatment in a friendly and professional environment using state-of-the-art facilities. We are passionate about helping you achieve your goals; from sports injury recovery right through to managing your back pain. We emphasise hands-on treatment and personally tailored exercise programs to improve your strength, flexibility and movement. Please call to make an appointment or contact us.


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